2011 in review


April proved to start out our season with some of the best cod fishing I have seen in twenty years.Amazingly  some of it took place in less than 80 feet of water!! Offering our clients a mixed bounty of not only huge cod, but all the monstorous pollock you wanted at times…


As we shifted gears in May back to nantucket sound for our bottom fishing, it was nothing short of good weather, and exceptional fishing. With rides of less than 4 miles to the fishing grounds.


As we started the end of May for stripers, they proved to be really hungry, which was great for us. Most of our trips we found were limiting out pretty quick!! They stayed consistent right into october. With many of fish this year pushing 30 lbs.  and a respectable number number in the 40 lb. range.

This year proved to be a great year for tuna fishing. As it started to get good in early June we were reluctant to have some good trips in the 60-200lb. class of fish. With one of the groups reluctantly pulling one out 400lbs.!!! Lots of sushi!! Shark fishing as well was great with at least a mako almost every trip, some times more, and all the blue sharks you could catch.

If we can repeat 2011 in 2012 we are once again looking at a unforgettable fishing year and i my self am starting to really look foward to it.Thanks everybody for a great year.

Captain  Dennis Chaprales