Inshore Charters

hyannis sportfishing

Fishing Trips

(Striped Bass, Bluefish, Sea Bass, etc.)
4 Hours: $725.00
5 Hours: $800.00
6 Hours: $850.00
8 Hours: $1,025.00

Porgies and Seabass

(Spring & Fall)

Sportfishing Hyannis Cape Cod

Offshore Charters

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Hyannis

Bluefin Tuna

12 Hours: $1,850.00


12 Hours: $1,850.00


8-10 Hours: $1,500.00

Nantucket Shoals Fluke


Overnight Canyon

(Yellowfin Tuna, Swordfish, Marlin, Wahoo and More..)
24-30 Hours: $4,500.00

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“We had the privilege of fishing with Captain Dennis and Marcus over the past couple of days. We could not have been happier or pictured a better time out on the water than on the Predatuna II. Dennis is an exceptionally thoughtful, passionate and knowledgeable captain and knows how to get you on the fish. His expectations for your trip will usually exceed your own and Dennis and Marcus work extra hard to deliver on those expectations. I strongly recommend them more for you fishing needs on the south shore of the Cape. We will be back with them again and many times over.” ~David, 2022

“Dennis always puts you on the fish!” ~ Sean, 2021

“I’ve been all over the world fishing Hawaii Mexico North Carolina you name it but I have never enjoy myself as much as I enjoy myself on this boat Captain Dennis he put us right on the fish very pleasant Captain very Pleasant mate can’t wait to go again me and the Fellas from Delaware my name is Preston Merrell I give the Predatuna 100% props and five stars thanks Dennis your the best.” ~ Preston, 2020

“I booked a trip with Dennis. What a great time on the water!!! The weather was great and we hooked up consistently all day. Our party arrived early and we were able to leave a bit ahead of time. I don’t think we had lines out for more than a minute before we began hooking up with Blues. We sent the first one back to the fishing gods and it paid off with a great day. 8+ blues before moving on to the good eating fish. 2014

“If weather is nice you will have a great time filling your cooler. If you never fished before you will catch fish. He has a lot of locations and back up plans for finding the fish. The captain makes everyone feel like they where born to fish. 2013

“This was my first experience on a chartered boat or fishing offshore ocean. The boat was clean, the captain and first mate were awesome and very accommodating. We brought our own food and beverage on-board and there was a functional bathroom. Dennis took us to several locations where he believed we would catch what we were after – and we did. My three friends and I came home with 21 Bluefish and over a dozen Black Sea Bass. I recommend Dennis, Miles and this charter for anyone looking for a great outdoor adventure!” 2012