Newest addition to Predatuna Sportfishing

 I am excited to introduce into Predatuna Sportfishing, our second boat,  Lilly J, named after my daughter Lilly. It is a 30′ twin turbo diesel sportfish.  With a completely new electronics package fitted into it, and a complete restoration on it. Making it now not only one of the fastest boats in the fleet, but one of the more updated and comfortable boats you will be on aside from its partner boat the Predatuna itself. Built as a charter boat exclusively, It is outfitted with all the comforts as it should just like its partner boat.  A cabin including a private head, and bunks as well as seating for six in the wheel house and a large cockpit for fishing comfort. Look foward to making awesome and unforgettable trips for our clients aboard this boat, just as the Predatuna has and will continue to do!!!!


Thank You,

Capt. Dennis Chaprales